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New in lamynate!

In lamynate from producer of «By Balterio» appeared three New Collection - Xpert Pro Better Narrow, Xpert Pro Good 4x Small, as well as Xpert Pro Standart.

Update time. Spring. Whats New in 2014!

We are pleased to announce the withdrawal of the Ukrainian market of new products in the collections of major residential linoleum.
This spring, Tarkett and Vinisin prepared updated four collections.

We are offering classic and rustic board the most fashionable colors, palace parquet, imitation materials not previously used in flooring - all this will make a range of 2,014 striking and relevant.

Novelties replenished such collections:

1. Tarkett - Force, Premium, Super S, Evolution;
2. Vinisin - Omega.

All new products already on the site!

New items in the laminate!

In mid-May in the laminate will be a new collection «Standart» from producer Balterio.

Also, in May Meet new manufacturer Egger collection «Timberwood».

New from the manufacturer LG!

In late May, will be a new collection «Decotile» from the manufacturer LG.

Decotile - exquisite, designer flooring and walls. Quartz vinyl tiles Decotile gives a unique interior style and has high performance. Due to the unique mix of vinyl and natural stone, Decotile superior strength wildest expectations.

Covering Decotile successfully used in a commercial environment (shopping centers, airports, cafes, restaurants, office buildings, medical facilities) and in dwellings (apartments, houses).

In the laminate Classen, new collection!

In the laminate, new collection from the manufacturer Classen - «Pure Fashion» and «Solido Elite».

IVC is the new collection!

In linoleum, new collection from the manufacturer IVC - Bingo Style, Tactyl.
The collection Luna, Victoria, Elite, Loft added new decors.

Meet the new position from the manufacturer Grabo!

In linoleum, new decors collection Astral Color, Terrana Top Extra, Terrana 22.

New items in the linoleum from the manufacturer Tarkett!

Add new items in the collection Idillia Nova, Force, Premium, Super S, Evolution.
Also, there are new items in the collections of the manufacturer Sinteros Smart, Olympic.


Tarkett is a unique product of Ukrainian origin - a special linoleum for passenger transport AVTOVINYL!

Meet the new decors cork floors!

In stock companies were 3 new colored decor cork floors. This Sofia Velvet, Sofia Malt and Sofia Vanilla. These designs are exclusive to TM Ipocork. These floors we offer an additional discount of 3%.

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