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New items in the collections of TM "Tarkett"

Collection «Force» replenished with new modern trendy designs: Techno - honeycomb tile structure, which is very popular in ceramics and parquet. Canvas - Textiles, Orleans - gourmet board, Doha - crushed stone with geometric pattern. New designs are wonderfully suited to the modern style of the house and office interior.
All decors in widths of 3 m and 4 m, Design Canvas 1, Doha Orleans 1 and 4 also have a width of 3.5 m.

The collection «Premium» two new boards - Orleans classic and designer Komo, tiles and Sangria, wonderful design which emphasizes the effect of "living structure".
All colors in the widths of 3 m and 4 m, and one color Komo Orleans 3 also have a width of 3.5 m.

Meet the hit of this season!

We are pleased to announce that this spring launched a new subcollection Tarkett «Evolution Live», new designs are: Bavaria 3, Vals 2, Etna 1, Etna 2, Wagner is 1, Wagner is 2, 1, of Raymond, Raymond 2. Collection of a breakthrough as linoleum in "Living the structure of" middle segment, thanks to the unique technology.

We are introducing new designs in «Activa» collections and «Delta»!

We are introducing new designs in «Activa» collections and «Delta»!

The novelty in the carpet. Artificial grass.

We present you a novelty in the carpet from the manufacturer BIG - artificial grass «Hockey». Note collection «Hockey» is presented in 3 basics: Marine Noppen; Marine Backing; Marine CFL.

New items in the carpet!

In the carpet from the manufacturer «Beaulieu real» a new collection - Dakar. Dakar - A carpet on the rubber base, it is intended for use in residential areas, ie in areas with a small cross, and in areas with high load on the floor passable.
Also, meet new collection of carpet «Durban» by BIG producer.

Prestigious new items in the laminate!

Presenting a novelty in 2016 - an unrivaled collection of laminate 33 class - Classen «GRAIN PLUS». The uniqueness of this collection is a synchronous structure, completely identical to natural wood. shades of natural give laminate Classen noble appearance, perfectly fit into the interior of different styles. 4-sided chamfer only emphasizes the natural beauty of the oak planks.

Carpeting. Spring 2016 trends.

We offer a new collection of carpet from the manufacturer "Neva Taft" - Alpes.
Carpet "Neva Taft" (Russia) collection of "Alps" - a carpet with a relief pattern and multilevel pile. The embossed pattern is due to clipping the tops of the threads and tangle-free cloth. This type of carpet retains permanently good appearance and is mainly used in halls and children's rooms.

Обновление ассортимента в ковровых покрытиях!

Хорошие новости от производителя BIG – с марта мы разбавляем ассортимент новыми коллекциями: Capri, Florence, Waves.

Новинка в коммерческих ПВХ покрытиях!

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию новую коллекцию от производителя "Tarkett" – iQ Toro SC! Коллекция iQ Toro SC обладает всеми преимуществами категории iQ – долговечностью, актуальным дизайном, высокими техническими показателями, а также низкой стоимостью эксплуатационного цикла (по сравнению с другими гомогенными покрытиями).

Обновление ассортимента в ковровых покрытиях!

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию обновленные дизайны в коллекции «Index» от производителя «Beaulieu real».

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