Ltd. "Stroykomplekt" is a leading distributor of floor coverings in Ukraine, c sales of over 8 million sq. Meters. In the market of Ukraine flooring company successfully operating since 1997.

The company offers a wide range of household linoleum, carpet, laminate flooring, wood flooring, tracks, mats, commercial and sports surfaces, accessories and related materials.

A full range of headings 6500 SKU, is kept in stock more than 2500 SKU.

On the territory of Ukraine there is both efficient logistics network supply chain by means of which the delivery of flooring in 256 settlements in a timely manner by providing goods 1730 retail outlets of all formats.

With the help of skilled sales representatives, the Company regularly communicates with each client in all regions of Ukraine, providing technical and advisory assistance aimed at the development of the client's business.

For convenience and empowerment of our customers, the Company delivers to the cutting roll material of any length - The "POL-1000". Delivery of cuts made by courier services to the end customers of our partners.

Storage and delivery of goods by means of distribution warehouses. The central distribution warehouse located in Dneprodzerzhinsk, regional distribution warehouses are located in Kiev, Simferopol, Khmelnytsky, Dnipropetrovsk.

Total warehouse area of 24 800 m2, which allows to maintain a stock level of 1 500 000 m2 of floor coverings.

Years of experience and highly qualified personnel, flexible system of prices and terms of cooperation, rich warehouse program and developed logistics infrastructure allows us to provide an individual approach to each client, efficiency and accuracy of deliveries all over Ukraine.

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